Central European Swing Dance Camp / 4th - 17th Aug 2019 Nova, Hungary

Why? Concept of the event

Our event has the following main goals:

  • Provide a longer quality learning environment for Central European dancers
  • Provide an affordable event for Central European dancers
  • Promote international events and traveling for Central European dancers
  • Build stronger connection between the Central European dance scenes
  • Support talented Central European dance teachers

We are mainly focusing on the swing dance scenes of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and neighboring countries.

Each week we will have one level for all participants. We will divide the participants into several groups in order to get manageable class sizes. All groups will be a mix of nationality so you will meet many new people! Of course we will take into consideration personal requests when we create the groups. Having one level will make everyone relaxed, open and equal!